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A portfolio is a celebration of your interests and personality. It's a showcase of what makes you - You!

– IADT lecturer

Notes For


Sketchbooks, and visual diaries, notebooks, and Journals, that's the place you document the subject matter that you find exciting. Producing your notebooks will help you grow and expand your ideas towards your final portfolio pieces.

Pieces For


Using the research you gathered in you notebooks will enable you to create some truly unique and exciting pieces. Allow your research to guide your curiosity and investigation right through to the end.

Layout For


Be selective and take out what doesn’t work for your portfolio, be sure to consider how you will display your work and make sure everything is clean and easy to go through.

Use your notebook first! But also don’t be afraid to start doing stuff and actually putting pen to paper.

– Current Student

Helpful Tips


Working in notebooks produces amazing results so try not to be too precious with each page, notebooks are their to help you formulate your pieces, they should not be viewed a final works.


Be selective of your final pieces, be sure you are happy to show them to us. A max of 30 pieces is acceptable but you should not feel that forced to reach that number, quality over quantity.


Experiment with a variety of layouts before choosing your final layout. There are infinite ways to layout your work, so explore with your layout and find something that works for you.


Document subject matter that you are interested in, this makes it fun and exciting to produce your portfolio. This shouldn't feel like a laboured task, it should feel fun :)


Explore a wide variety of mediums in your portfolio - don't be afraid to make mistakes, mixing different medias can have a surprising and unique effect on your work.


Putting work into notebooks will help inform you explore your creativity, try a variety of methods such as mind-maps and mixing ideas to produce some truly stunning results.


For Film & Media you are required to include a dvd/vimeo link to your showreels, keep them short and sweet and make it clear what your role in production was in your notebooks and layout for your portfolio.


If you are interested in pursuing sound for Film & Media or the Creative Music Production course be sure to include CD/Link to the sounds you have produced as well a your role in producing the sound.

I found going to the open days helpful, I looked at previous portfolios and got to speak to the tutors.

– Current Student

Useful Info

Open Days

The best way to get informed on courses you like can be found at our open days where you are given the opportunity to talk with students and tutors, see the facilities and much more. Click here for dates.


Have you got some burning questions that just need to be answered?

Email: portfolio.info@iadt.ie

Phone: +353 1 239 4621


Parents are more than welcome to come to our open days and see what's on offer at I.A.D.T for your child. plenty of useful information can be found in our prospectus and on our website right here.


We highly recommend teachers in both second and third level institutes to come to our open days to better aid and inform prospective students about portfolio requirements for courses at I.A.D.T.